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This is Mero. Thank you for passing by.

This site was put up basically to provide Christians materials or sources that could inspire, encourage and help spiritual growth. I use to have this in my mind:
What if, we have something like a departmental store where we can get the resources for our Christian walk as we journey this life on Earth it would be great.
Now, there are many websites where Christians are trying to reach out and help. So, why not make a channel for the Christians to get a hand on those resources. Hence, this site.

If you have been walking down the road of life and have never tried Jesus, give Jesus a chance. He can bring a change in your life. Jesus is more than an answered prayers or the perfect solution. He will help you discover that life is more than just living. God Bless!

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And again, thank you for visiting this site.

In his vineyard,
T Mero