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It’s a Wonderful Life Movie (Watch online)


Movie Review:
Genre: Drama, Christmas, Inspirational
Length/Run Time: 130 minutes
Released date: 1946, Black and White
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It’s a Wonderful Life is a beloved Christmas movie, but it’s so much more. A moving examination of the worth of a single man’s life, it’s dark and bright, full of passion, despair and joy.

It's Christmas Eve, 1946, and George, who has long considered himself a failure, faces financial ruin and arrest and is seriously contemplating suicide.

High above Bedford Falls, two celestial voices discuss Bailey's dilemma and decide to send down eternally bumbling angel Clarence Oddbody, who after 200 years has yet to earn his wings, to help George out.

As a child, George was selfless, risking his own life (and losing his hearing in one ear) to save his brother from drowning. As an adult, he gave up his dreams of traveling the world and going to college to stay home and manage the Bailey Building and Loan Society after his father passed away. Throughout his life, George lived by a creed that always placed human need above riches, and, as a result, his only wealth was in his friends and family.

The film's villain is a miserly old man named Potter (played with consummate nastiness by movie great Lionel Barrymore), who uses his considerable wealth to bleed the citizens of Bedford Falls dry. The Bailey Building and Loan Society is the only institution in town that he doesn't own, and he's willing to do anything to get his hands on it – lie, cheat, bribe, steal… There's no end to the schemes that Potter devises to destroy George. Yet the Baileys always seem to end up on top.

Later, Potter’s machinations bring him to the brink of financial ruin, facing scandal and possibly prison

See how George ended up and whether Clarence earned his wings.

It is an inspirational movie to warm the coldest hearts. There's no doubt that It's a Wonderful Life is one of today's most popular Christmas films. It is a must watch.

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It’s a Wonderful Life full movie

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