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Download Bible software for Mac Book, Desktop


Bible reading has never been the same. One can access his Bible Notes, sync his bookmarks, search for words, share Bible verses and also getting your favourite versions all into one box. We have here some of the Bibles that will help you study Bible never like before.

1. Eloquent (Macsword)
Support: Mac OS


Download Eloquent (Macsword)
Eloquent is a free & open source application for research and study of God and His Word. It is developed specifically for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X.
Eloquent allows you to read and browse many different bibles translations in different languages from Hebrew to Albanian. As well as reading devotionals, commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons, it also supports searching and advanced features such as services so that you can access the Bible in any program.
And because Eloquent is based on
the Sword project, it is compatible with a growing collection of over 200 texts available in over 50 languages.
Download Eloquent (Macsword)

2. Bible reader

Bible reader for Mac

Download Bible Reader

Bible Reader has many good features. Some of them are:
Greek and Hebrew - study and perform advanced searches in the original biblical languages
Verse Chooser - navigate quickly to any verse in the Bible
Offline Access - Bibles are stored on your phone, not dependent on a network connection
Advanced Search - look up every occurrence of a word in every book of the Bible
Versified Commentaries - switch to the commentary of your choice linked directly to any verse you are studying
Split-Screen Reading - view Bible and reference works simultaneously as you study
Hyper-linked Notes - cross-references or Strong's numbers available with one touch
Personal Notes - can be accessed by verse in any Bible version across your library
Download Bible Reader

3. Logos
Free and paid
Requires internet Connection
Also available for Windows PC, iPhone, iPad


Download Glo Bible
Glo for PC, winner of the 2010 Bible of the Year
Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the text of Scripture to life through HD videos, high-resolution images, articles, 360-degree virtual tours, and much more. Glo for PC is the most robust platform, and includes all 6 lenses, media, and the full functionality of Glo available today.
-Add Notes, Bookmarks, and Highlights to verses
-Create Selections and filter lenses
-Create customized Bible Reading Plans
-Create custom presentations from your Journal with the My Presentation tool
-Free web updates with improvements, links and new content.
Download Glo Bible

4. Logos
Paid Version
Logos Mac

Go to their website
A Bible study powerhouse. Logos 5 Gold comes with all our features: the Timeline, the Bible Sense Lexicon, Sermon Starter, and everything from the lower base packages. Plus, you’ll get a huge library of nearly 1,100 resources worth over $20,000 in print.

  • 60 preaching and teaching resources
  • 21 volumes on exegesis and interpretation
  • 19 volumes on Bible introduction, history, and culture
  • 29 ancient texts and morphologies
  • 16 volumes of ancient texts in translation
  • 19 original language grammars and tools
  • All of Logos 5’s amazing features like the new Bible sense Lexicon and the Syntax Search

Go to their website

Not using Mac Laptop or desktop, click here to choose another Computer OS.

Using any of these, share your reviews and thoughts here.
Know any more, let us know. Thanks

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