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Mobile JAVA Applications


JAVA is supported in almost all JAVA enabled mobile phones. We have here collection of JAVA applications which you can install in your phones. Copy the downloaded files into your phone’s memory card and open to install or just download and open.

Supported Phones: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and all other Phones that is JAVA enabled. (Nokia Lumia and Android Phones do not support these applications)

The applications here are Christian resources, needy applications and office applications that can come handy. All these are for free downloads. Enjoy this little collection of ours.

To download JAVA Bibles for Mobile Phones, Click here. 

JAVA Mobile apps The Purpose - 40 days
Type: Daily Devotion
Devotional from “The Purpose-Driven Life : What on Earth I am here for” by Rick Warren.
Size: 439KB
JAVA Mobile apps What am I here on Earth for
Type: Message
Selected topics from “The Purpose-Driven Life : What on Earth I am here for” by Rick Warren.
Size: 18KB
JAVA Mobile apps Renew-Mind
Type: Reading
Devotional taken from Neil Anderson’s book “Daily in Christ”.
Size: 20KB
JAVA Mobile apps Who I am in Christ Dr Neil Anderson
Type: Reading
Extracted from the “Victory over the darkness” by Dr Neil Anderson
Size: 19KB
JAVA Mobile apps The Attributes of God
Type: Bible study
Read the attributes of God with Bible reference and explanation.
Size: 87KB


Youngs Literal Translation Go Bible
Size: 1.5MB


Easton Bible Dictionary
Type: Bible Dictionary
Dictionary for Bible names and words.
Size: 2MB
Notepad Bible Dictionary Oxford
Type: Bible Dictionary
Bible Dictionary with abbreviations, important dates, measures, weight and values.
Size: 707MB
JAVA Mobile apps Our Daily Bread : November, 2007
Type: Daily Devotion
Size: 64KB
Download for July, 2013
Download for August, 2013
Download for Sept, 2013
Download for Nov, 2007
Notepad Oxford English Dictionary
Type: Dictionary
Size: 808KB
Notepad Pocket English
Type: English Dictionary
Size: 1.7MB
Notepad MSdict Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary
Type: Medical Dictionary
Size: 1.1MB
Notepad MSdict Oxford Dictionary of Idioms
Type: Idioms, Grammar
Size: 592KB
JAVA Mobile apps The Great Bible Game Quiz
Type: Game
Size: 426KB
JAVA Mobile apps Tac Tic Toe
Type: Game
Size: 130KB
image Heartlight Daily
Type: Reading
Size: 121KB
Articles and Devotionals, Reading, Quotes, articles for men and women.

Please report of any broken links or wrong files.

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