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Amazing Grace Movie review


Genre: True stories, Drama, Historical/Political/Religious, Thriller
Film Release: February 23, 2007
Run Time: 116 min

Amazing Grace Movie review:

Two hundred years ago in 1807 the first anti-slave trade bill was passed by England's Parliament, ending 400 years of slave trading. A brave force led by one persistent man, upheld by moral integrity, inspiring friends and a driving faith, paved the way for this world-changing, history-shaping milestone.

The central figure in Amazing Grace is William Wilberforce (1759-1833). He is played by Ioan Gruffudd as the zealous believer in God, human rights activist and British member of Parliament, who battled through discouragement and illness for two decades to end the slave trade in England. In a time of personal crisis, Wilberforce is inspired and encouraged in his long fight to abolish slavery by the former slave ship master, John Newton (Albert Finney), who wrote the beloved hymn "Amazing Grace" following his conversion to Christianity.

Do you feel like there is no hope in this present political scenarios? or justice is not possible? This movie, based on real life, can inspire how you to live for a good cause with God on your side.

Watch the trailer below:

Amazing Grace Movie Trailer

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