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iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Bibles and Applications

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Below are the collection of Bibles, eBooks, applications and more for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Olive Tree

Bible Reader
-Notes, highlight, Bookmarks
-Free, Sync Account
-Thousand of resources

Tecarta Bible

Tecarta Bible
-Free Offline, Red letters
-Search, notes, bookmarks
-Split Screen
-Add more Bibles to library
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Holy Bible : Paul Avery
-Bookmarks, Search, Highlights
-iCloud sync
-Social Shares
-Other resources

-Bookmark, Highlight, Notes
-Free, Sync account
-Social Share
-Listen, +600 languages
-Need internet to run
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Logos Bible
-Free KJV, NKJV, NLT, ESV,NASB and more
-Notes, Highlights, Search
-Split Screen, Text Comparison, Reading plans
-Social Share
-Sync Account, Bible Study resource
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-Free, lots of translation
-Notes, Bookmarks, Sync Account, Highlights
-Need internet to run
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-Free offline
-Bible Reading plans, Audio Bible
-Highlights, notes
-Resources like commentaries and Dictionaries
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Pocket Bible
-Free offline KJV
-More resources, Bibles, eBooks available in Library, require download again
-Search, notes, bookmarks
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AcroBible (iPhone, iPod) 
AcroBible (iPad)
-Free Offline KJV and Bible reading Plan
-Highlight, notes, search
-Free commentaries, Bible Study, Dictionaries, devotional and language Translation
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eBooks (Coming up soon)
Applications (Coming up soon)

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  2. I adore having the Bible readily available with the capacity to peruse numerous renditions. Highlighting, underlining and note taking are tremendous parts of my Bible perusing knowledge, so its extraordinary to have the simplicity of doing so. What's more the dedications are a sublime approach to keep me in the Word (when I really finish understanding them!).
    The main reason I gave 4 stars rather than 5, is that I aversion how the application is transforming into an "online networking" thing. I do like the capacity to impart verses when I need to; notwithstanding, I dislike the thought of my companions seeing what I'm perusing and highlighting and the other way around. It's an experience in the middle of me and God; not me, God, and my 400 FB companions.

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