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Bible Reader for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / Mac Desktop

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Why use Bible Reader for iPhone?

Mobilize your Bible Study

  • -Navigate quickly to any verse in the Bible
  • -Highlight or underline any verse with custom colors andshapes
  • -Download hundreds of free and premium resources
  • -Switch to the commentary of your choice linked directlyto any verse you are studying
  • -View Bible and reference works simultaneously as you study
  • -Greek and Hebrew - study and perform advancedsearches in the original biblical languages
  • -Personal Notes - can be accessed by verse in any Bible version across your library and synced to your desktop with Evernote.

How to use?

Select your device and download Bible Reader from iTunes.
To add more Books and Bibles, tap Library in Bible Reader and download from the store. (Both free and Premium available)

Your Device :

Get Bibles and eBooks here :

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