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Bible Reader for Android Phones and Tablets


Bible Reader for Android
Olive Tree Bible Software publishes BibleReader. BibleReader is a free mobile application that brings hundreds of free and premium biblical resources. You can download free and paid Bibles and Christian ebooks from their website

How to Install:

  1. Download Bible Reader for your phone after selecting your phone (some come along with a Bible)
  2. Download Bibles or eBooks from Olive Tree Library from Bible Reader application.

Why use Bible Reader:
There are many reasons why you should use this application:
-Take notes, highlight verses and bookmark your favorite passages.
-Install eBooks besides your Bible. Install more than one Bible.
-Over a thousand resources to choose from.
-Sync, access and edit your content across all of your devices.

Select your Phone Version:

Android 2.0 and newer

Download Bible Reader(withKJV)[9.6 MB]

DownloadBible Reader(Without Bible) [6.6 MB]


Download Bible Reader from Olive Tree

Android 1.6

Download BibleReader (with KJV) [9.6 MB]


Download Bible Reader from OliveTree

Android 1.5 and older

DownloadBibleReader(withKJV)[4.6 MB]

DownloadBible Reader(WithoutBIble) [2 MB]


DownloadBibleReaderfrom Olive Tree


Downloadfrom Android Market

(If thelink does not work, searchBibleReader[4.6 MB, with KJV]

Get Bibles and eBooks :

Adding Bibles and Books to Library:
-Open the Bible Reader application from your Mobile.
-Go to Library Menu.
-Tap "Browse from the store"
-Check out for free Books or Bibles you want to download.

Sync your library from Olive Tree Account to your Phone:
To add books and Bibles from your Olive Tree account:
-Tap on the Library icon on the top left of your screen
-Tap on "Store" on the top right of the Librarywindow.
-Tap on the "Purchased" icon to see yourpurchased books.
-Tap "Back up and synchronize books with your OliveTree Account."
-Enter your username and password as prompted.
-You should now see a list of your purchased Olive Treeproducts that are compatible with your platform. Please select one to download it to BibleReader.

If you have any clarifications please check Olive Tree Website for guidelines:
Olive Tree Help
This site does not own Bible Reader. To support and get latest update of Bible Reader, please visit their site at

Screenshots of Bible Reader for Android Phones

Android phone_highlight Android phone_verseChooser Android phone_Library

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