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Why was I born?

(A quest to understand the purpose of life: A real story to encourage you)
Why was I born?
by Hiroyuki Ishikawa, Japan

I joined the Salvia Mind Control School. While there it was as if I saw before me people that died long ago. It seemed as if they came up to me to speak to me. In fear, as this happened, I cried out to the gods, "Please help me! Please help me!" But there was no answer.
So I decided, "If the gods will not help me, I will see what yoga can do to help me." However, when I did this, another strange thing happened to me. I began to hear voices in my head. When this happened, I feared even to go to bed at night.

Another problem that troubled me was the question, "Why am I alive?" You see I could find no real purpose for living. I then decided, "I will travel the world. In this way, I may find a reason for living."

So, I traveled to Africa and then to Europe. But I still could find no real answer to the question "Why am I alive?" So I thought, "Maybe it would be better for me to kill myself?"

What happened in England:
But one day in England, someone said to me, "Come with me to my church." Now at this Christian church, I went to sleep when the leader talked! However I did ask myself there, "Why do I experience such peace of mind when I hear these people sing their Christian songs?" I felt as if I could listen to these songs for ever. Then I thought, "Maybe through this Jesus who these people sing about, I can find God's help."

So I decided, "I will try speaking to God in the way these people do." Now when I did this, I found the peace of mind that I wanted. I also found a real purpose for living. God now helps me tell other people how they can be changed. I live in Mozambique where I help people understand God's purpose for their lives.


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