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SOON Magazine

SOON Educational Publications began in 1962 and produces free educational material in easy English. SOON Educational Publications is an interdenominal Christian charity.
The website is produced in a magazine format and consists of a collection of useful information, facts, true stories, fictional stories, poems, and possible answers and advice to the problems of to-day.

The "SOON" easy-English paper is printed every three months and is available for free. If you are an evangelist or wanted to share Christian stories with your friends, this could be of help to you. You can request for hard copies for yourself or in bulk.

Click here for free SOON magazine (In hard copy for free).
Fill up the form in their website giving your complete postal address. It may take a month or more than that to receive their free magazine. Or you can request free copies from their

Soon magazine is also available online for reading. They have many inspirational stories in simple English.
Click here for SOON online Magazine

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