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Free materials

Do you need tracks or Christian magazines for evangelism or for a friend?
Get free magazines, booklets, study materials and more which are provided for free by some organization and Churches. You have to provide your postal address details. You can expect the materials within a month or a little more than that. We have here some sites that provide Bible study materials and magazines for free. Here are the links to some of them.
The "SOON" easy-English paper is printed every three months and is available for free. They also have the materials available online.

Enrol yourself in a Bible Study at World Bible School. You can study via secure website, email or postal mail. They teach to more than 2 million students. You can sign up from their website here: World Bible School
 To study via Postal mail you will receive the materials for free. Once you get to their website, click "Sign up for free." At the end of the page you will see "Internet Unreliable?" Click it and fill up the forms with your full postal address.

Joyce Meyer Ministries Monthly Magazine
A monthly magazine of Joyce Meyer Ministries is available for online reading as well as for free in print edition. You can sign up to order free copies of magazine from the link below:
A New York Bestselling author and a Bible practical teacher, Joyce Meyer, carries out TV and Radio broadcast. Her messages and podcast are available online.
To know more about Joyce Meyer Ministries, broadcast and books click the link below:

Note: We will be glad to hear from you if you have any other source as well. Thank you.

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