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Christian Movies Review

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Family Movies

· Pamela's Prayer
· Faith Like Potatoes
· Facing the Giant
· Johnny
· A Letter to Dad
· The Grace Card
· The Perfect Game
· Standing Firm
· What If
· Forgiven
· The Blind Side
· To Save a Life
· Gifted Hands
· Soul Surfer
· Letters to God
· The Encounter
· Christmas With a Capital C
· Loving Leah
· Fireproof

Faith Movies

· Stephen's Test of Faith
· Faith Like Potatoes
· Nikolai
· China Cry
· In The Blink Of An Eye
· Ben-Hur

Documentary and Biography Movies

· Babette's Feast
· Chariots of Fire
· Joyeaux Noel
· Nine Days that Change the World
· Joan of Arc
· Brother Sun, Sister Moon
· When Love Is Not Enough
· Amazing Grace

· The Legend of Three Trees - Animated Christian Movie

Watch Full Movies online

· The Passion Of The Christ - Full Movie in HD
· The Jesus Movie 1979
· The Greatest Story Ever Told movie
· Esther (Full Movie)
· The Butterfly Circus (Movie)

Bible stories Movies

· The Robe
· The Book of Ruth

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