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Audio Bible (Download and Streaming)

Download Audio Bible in mp3 or stream to listen online. It is available in Book or chapter wise. Some comes with music background and some come with narration which will give real good listening experience. Also it is available in different languages.  We have put together some of the sources available. To download click the links. Once the page loads it may ask you to download or starts playing automatically, if it plays automatically you can download right clicking and select “Save as.” We will be glad if you need help to download or get a audio Bible of your choice.

@ Audio Treasure: (download in mp3)
The King James Bible (Voice only, arrange in Book wise)
The King James Bible (soft music background, arrange in Book wise)
The Word English Bible (OT and NT, arrange in Book wise, chapter wise)
Bible Audio for E-mail (Scripture verses and passages that have been highly compressed for sending as e-mail attachments)
English_NIV.mp3  (Selected Bible Verses)
English_NKJV.mp3  (Selected Bible Verses)

@ Christian Post: (Online streaming, KJV, good listening experience)
The Word of Promise is an award-winning audio Bible, dramatized by an all-star cast of actors.  These actors 'perform' the words for you instead of just reading them from the New King James translation. This state-of-the-art audio Bible includes movie-quality sound effects and an original music score by prolific Italian composer Stefano Mainetti (

@ Bible gateway: (Online streaming, different versions, Voice, dramatized)
You can select the chapters to listen. The best part of this site is you can listen to versions like NIV, ESV, NAS, HCS, which other sites normally do not provide for free. It is also available in Chinese, Farsi, and some other languages. The listening experience is good, the voices are of male, and is available in only voice and dramatized.

@ Faith comes by Hearing: (Download, drama or without drama, available in many other languages)
The Bible versions available are KJV, Contemporary English, Revised Standard Version. It is available for online streaming as well as downloading, which is provided with or without dramatic sound. It is available in more than 600 languages and counting. The listening experience is good. For download it is required to sign up.
Online Streaming (Stream Online with text)
Audio Bible Downloader (Download audio Bible, sign up required, narrated, music background)

@ Word Project: (Download in mp3, different languages)
English – Audio Full Bible
Portuguese – MP3 Audio Bible
Chinese 中文 – [ ] Audio Full Bible - download to your computer or smart phone.
Hindi हिन्दी – [ ऑडियो ] Audio of New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs .
Spanish – Reina Valera Audio (Spanish).
French – Louis Segond Audio (French).
More languages – (German, Italian, French, Russian, Viet, Korean, etc.)

@ mp3bible:
King James Version (listen and read the Entire Bible in a Year)

Other Selected languages:
Indian Languages:
Kannada.mp3  (Gospel of Luke)
Malayalam.mp3  (Gospel of Luke)
Marathi.mp3  (Gospel of Luke)
Tamil.mp3  (Gospel of Luke)
Telugu.mp3  (Gospel of Luke)
Manipur.mp3 (Gospel of Luke)

Others: (A Collection from other sites)
Tagalog (New Testament)
Bulgarian audio New Testament              

Gospel of Luke in over 30 languages at Audio Treasures:
Click here to see all
Some of the listed are:

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    1. send me an tamil audio download link

    2. hi Karthik, here are the links:

      Tamil : New Testament

      Tamil : Selected Bible Verses

      Tamil.mp3 (Gospel of Luke)

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