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What If

Movie Review:
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 115 minutes
Release Date: August 19th, 2010

In WHAT IF, Ben is a high-powered, very successful investment banker. His uncanny ability making deals is incisive and funny. To celebrate one big deal, Ben buys himself a new Mercedes. When he takes it for a spin, he ends up in his old hometown. There, he meets an angel who introduces him to life as it could have been if he had married his beloved Wendy and become a pastor 15 years ago as he planned. Suddenly, Ben finds himself with two daughters and the new pastor of the church. Ben preaches one of the worst sermons ever and makes a mess of everything. Slowly, he begins to understand what is worthwhile in life and what isn’t, but it may be too late.

Kevin Sorbo does a terrific job as Ben. Another bright light in the movie is John Ratzenberger. He is the funniest angel to come along in a long time. The dialogue is terrific and funny. What makes the movie work is the direction. Dallas Jenkins exercises his considerable talent to bring out the best in each actor and tell the story in a heartwarming, hilarious, evangelistic manner.

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