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To Save a Life

Movie Review:
Genre: Drama, Relationship
Runtime: 1 hr 57 min.
Release Date: January 22nd, 2010

TO SAVE A LIFE is one of the best-made movies ever, Christian or secular. The movie tells the story of Jake Taylor, the most popular student and game-winning basketball star. Because of his new girlfriend, Jake and his teammates have shunned his best friend, Roger, who saved Jake’s life and, as a result, Roger walks with a permanent limp. Feeling alienated, Roger commits suicide. A youth pastor tries to help Jake with his guilt, but Jake’s family is also falling apart. Consequently, Jake gets his girlfriend, Amy, pregnant. Jake complains that things have gotten worse since he became interested in Jesus. This sets the stage for a powerfully redemptive ending.

Every aspect of TO SAVE A LIFE is well made. The editing is flawless, cutting imaginatively back and forth into flashbacks. The dialogue is constantly moving the story forward. This movie addresses some tough topics, including teenage suicide, drinking, sex, and drug use. This realistic background makes the story of repentance and forgiveness much more powerful, however. Every aspect of this movie builds the case for faith in Jesus Christ. Discerning, media-wise viewers should find it incredibly inspiring and helpful.

Watch the trailer below:

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