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The Perfect Game

Movie Review:
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 minutes

Release Date: April 16th, 2010

In THE PERFECT GAME, a Mexican immigrant returns to Monterrey, Mexico after the St. Louis Cardinals baseball franchise refuses to make him a coach. He works at a steel plant and tries to drink away his anger. Meanwhile, the local priest wants to find out how to give the children in this impoverished town some hope. He decides to have them play baseball. The priest ropes Cesar into forming a team. They have four weeks to become a Little League franchise. Prayers are answered. Miracles happen. They defeat the Mexico City team and get to go to America. There, they start defeating each American team on their way to the championship.

THE PERFECT GAME is corny up until the end, which hits the emotional ball out of the park. Since audiences are most moved by endings, most people will like this movie. Faith in the movie is very strong. Prayers in the name of Jesus are miraculously answered.

Watch the trailer below:

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