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Weekly Bible Reading Chart

Weekly Bible Reading Chart
By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir

Read the whole Bible in 52 weeks categorized under Gospels, law, History, psalms, Poetry, Prophesy and Epistles.
Source: Into Thy

“Genres” Bible Reading Plan (literature) Style
Here is a Bible reading plan from Into Thy Word that is set up for you to go through the Bible in a year. But with a twist: It divides up your reading into the main types of Genres (literature) such as Gospels, Law, Narrative (History), Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, and Epistles! That way you can go though the entire Bible by reading the different Genre types. This is a unique plan that will help keep your pace up and prevent you from losing interest and giving up!

1Matthew 1-2Genesis 1-3Joshua 1-5Psalms 1-2Job 1-2Isaiah 1-6Romans 1-2
2Matthew 3-4Genesis 4-7Joshua 6-10Psalms 3-5Job 3-4Isaiah 7-11Romans 3-4
3Matthew 5-7Genesis 8-11Joshua 11-15Psalms 6-8Job 5-6Isaiah 12-17Romans 5-6
4Matthew 8-10Genesis 12-15Joshua 16-20Psalms 9-11Job 7-8Isaiah 18-22Romans 7-8
5Matthew 11-13Genesis 16-19Joshua 21-24Psalms 12-14Job 9-10Isaiah 23-28Romans 9-10
6Matthew 14-16Genesis 20-23Judges 1-6Psalms 15-17Job 11-12Isaiah 29-33Romans 11-12
7Matthew 17-19Genesis 24-27Judges 7-11Psalms 18-20Job 13-14Isaiah 34-39Romans 13-14
8Matthew 20-22Genesis 28-31Judges 12-16Psalms 21-23Job 15-16Isaiah 40-44Romans 15-16
9Matthew 23-25Genesis 32-35Judges 17-21Psalms 24-26Job 17-18Isaiah 45-50I Corinthians 1-2
10Matthew 26-28Genesis 36-39RuthPsalms 27-29Job 19-20Isaiah 51-55I Corinthians 3-4
11Mark 1-2Genesis 40-43I Samuel 1-5Psalms 30-32Job 21-22Isaiah 56-61I Corinthians 5-6
12Mark 3-4Genesis 44-47I Samuel 6-10Psalms 33-35Job 23-24Isaiah 62-66I Corinthians 7-8
13Mark 5-6Genesis 48-50I Samuel 11-15Psalms 36-38Job 25-26Jeremiah 1-6I Corinthians 9-10
14Mark 7-8Exodus 1-4I Samuel 16-20Psalms 39-41Job 27-28Jeremiah 7-11I Corinthians 11-12
15Mark 9-10Exodus 5-8I Samuel 21-25Psalms 42-44Job 29-30Jeremiah 12-16I Corinthians 13-14
16Mark 11-12Exodus 9-12I Samuel 26-31Psalms 45-47Job 31-32Jeremiah 17-21I Corinthians 15-16
17Mark 13-14Exodus 13-16II Samuel 1-4Psalms 48-50Job 33-34Jeremiah 22-26II Corinthians 1-3
18Mark 15-16Exodus 17-20II Samuel 5-9Psalms 51-53Job 35-36Jeremiah 27-31II Corinthians 4-5
19Luke 1-2Exodus 21-24II Samuel 10-14Psalms 54-56Job 37-38Jeremiah 32-36II Corinthians 6-8
20Luke 3-4Exodus 25-28II Samuel 15-19Psalms 57-59Job 39-40Jeremiah 37-41II Corinthians 9-10
21Luke 5-6Exodus 29-32II Samuel 20-24Psalms 60-62Job 41-42Jeremiah 42-46II Corinthians 11-13
22Luke 7-8Exodus 33-36I Kings 1-4Psalms 63-65Proverbs 1Jeremiah 47-52Galatians 1-3
23Luke 9-10Exodus 37-40I Kings 5-9Psalms 66-68Proverbs 2-3LamentationsGalatians 4-6
24Luke 11-12Leviticus 1-3I Kings 10-13Psalms 69-71Proverbs 4Ezekiel 1-6Ephesians 1-3
25Luke 13-14Leviticus 4-6I Kings 14-18Psalms 72-74Proverbs 5-6Ezekiel 7-12Ephesians 4-6
26Luke 15-16Leviticus 7-9I Kings 19-22Psalms 75-77Proverbs 7Ezekiel 13-18Philippians 1-2
27Luke 17-18Leviticus 10-12II Kings 1-5Psalms 78-80Proverbs 8-9Ezekiel 19-24Philippians 3-4
28Luke 19-20Leviticus 13-15II Kings 6-10Psalms 81-83Proverbs 10Ezekiel 25-30Colossians 1-2
29Luke 21-22Leviticus 16-18II Kings 11-15Psalms 84-86Proverbs 11-12Ezekiel 31-36Colossians 3-4
30Luke 23-24Leviticus 19-21II Kings 16-20Psalms 87-89Proverbs 13Ezekiel 37-42I Thessalonians 1-3
31John 1-2Leviticus 22-24II Kings 21-25Psalms 90-92Proverbs 14-15Ezekiel 43-48I Thessalonians 4-5
32John 3-4Leviticus 25-27I Chronicles 1-4Psalms 93-95Proverbs 16Daniel 1-6II Thessalonians
33John 5-6Numbers 1-4I Chronicles 5-9Psalms 96-98Proverbs 17-18Daniel 7-12I Timothy 1-3
34John 7-9Numbers 5-8I Chronicles 10-14Psalms 99-101Proverbs 19Hosea 1-7I Timothy 4-6
35John 10-12Numbers 9-12I Chronicles 15-19Psalms 102-104Proverbs 20-21Hosea 8-14II Timothy 1-2
36John 13-15Numbers 13-16I Chronicles 20-24Psalms 105-107Proverbs 22JoelII Timothy 3-4
37John 16-18Numbers 17-20I Chronicles 25-29Psalms 108-110Proverbs 23-24Amos 1-4Titus
38John 19-21Numbers 21-24II Chronicles 1-5Psalms 111-113Proverbs 25Amos 5-9Philemon
39Acts 1-2Numbers 25-28II Chronicles 6-10Psalms 114-116Proverbs 26-27ObadiahHebrews 1-4
40Acts 3-4Numbers 29-32II Chronicles 11-15Psalms 117-118Proverbs 28JonahHebrews 5-7
41Acts 5-6Numbers 33-36II Chronicles 16-20Psalms 119Proverbs 29-30MicahHebrews 8-10
42Acts 7-8Deuteronomy 1-3II Chronicles 21-24Psalms 120-121Proverbs 31NahumHebrews 11-13
43Acts 9-10Deuteronomy 4-6II Chronicles 25-28Psalms 122-124Ecclesiastes 1-2HabakkukJames 1-3
44Acts 11-12Deuteronomy 7-9II Chronicles 29-32Psalms 125-127Ecclesiastes 3-4ZephaniahJames 4-5
45Acts 13-14Deuteronomy 10-12II Chronicles 33-36Psalms 128-130Ecclesiastes 5-6HaggaiI Peter 1-3
46Acts 15-16Deuteronomy 13-15Ezra 1-5Psalms 131-133Ecclesiastes 7-8Zechariah 1-7I Peter 4-5
47Acts 17-18Deuteronomy 16-19Ezra 6-10Psalms 134-136Ecclesiastes 9-10Zechariah 8-14II Peter
48Acts 19-20Deuteronomy 20-22Nehemiah 1-4Psalms 137-139Ecclesiastes 11-12MalachiI John 1-3
49Acts 21-22Deuteronomy 23-25Nehemiah 5-9Psalms 140-142Song of Sol 1-2Revelation 1-6I John 4-5
50Acts 23-24Deuteronomy 26-28Nehemiah 10-13Psalms 143-145Song of Sol 3-4Revelation 7-11II John
51Acts 25-26Deuteronomy 29-31Esther 1-5Psalms 146-148Song of Sol 5-6Revelation 12-17III John
52Acts 27-28Deuteronomy 32-34Esther 6-10Psalms 149-150Song of Sol 7-8Revelation 18-22Jude


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