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Bible and Science


What is the Bible to you? Is it only a set of codes to follow or just another religious books. Take a dive to see what it has to say about the universe, the climate, the principles of Physics, the health of man, and many more.

It will surprise you that God had made known the knowledge that was too wonderful for man thousands of years back even before man could understand. Check out the topics:

Bible and Astronomy
(universe, stars, atoms, law of thermodynamics, gravity, radio waves,...)

Bible and Earth
(shape of the earth, hydrothermal vents, hydrologic cycle, ocean currents, valleys in the sea,...)

Bible and Health
(sanitary, bacteria, circumcision, dietary,...)

Dinosaurs and the Bible
(brachiosaurus, leviathan, fire breathing dragons)

Bible and Science Facts
(blood, man from dust, Noah's ark, value of Pi,...)

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