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Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Broadcast

Ravi Zacharias
For 36 years Ravi Zacharias has spoken all over the world and in numerous universities, notably Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford University. Well-versed in the disciplines of comparative religions, cults, and philosophy,

he held the chair of Evangelism and Contemporary Thought at Alliance Theological Seminary for three and a half year
His second book, Can Man Live without God (Word, 1994), was awarded the Gold Medallion for best book in the category of doctrine and theology, and Jesus Among Other Gods (Word, 2000) was nominated for a Gold Medallion.
His weekly radio program, “Let My People Think,” is aired on more than 1700 outlets worldwide, and his weekday program, “Just Thinking,” on over 400.
Read his whole bio here.

Media Broadcast (Download, Read, watch and listen):
(Note: Just Thinking and Let My People Think are two different series with difference in the length of the talk)
Just Thinking series (5MB)
Confidence in the Gospel in a World of Competing Ideas
Mind Games in a World of Images
The Pursuit of Meaning
Secularism and the Illusion of Neutrality

Let My People Think series (10 MB)
Is Jesus the Only Way
Faith Under Fire: Jesus Among Other Gods
Who Is Jesus: Defending Jesus Christ as the Way
Is Atheism Dead? Is God Alive?

RZIM Videos
Why the Bible? Ravi at the University of Illinois
Postmodernism: is it a new idea?
Atheism, Feminism, and the Bible
The Law of Non-Contradiction and the Trinity
Compulsion in religion and the freedom to disbelieve

A Slice of Infinity
Read their weekday devotional
("A Slice of Infinity" is aimed at reaching into the culture with words of challenge, words of truth, and words of hope.)
A Word for Death
Of Miracles
The Dead Don't Bleed
Holding Hope

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::Go to any links given.
::Click the audio you want to download.
::Right click the download option and select 'Save as' or 'Save Link as'.
(Note: Clicking on the download option may only play online)
::Your download should begin.

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