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Bibles and eBooks for Bible Reader

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Once you have installed Bible Reader you can download Bibles and eBooks for Bible Reader.

Note: You need to do download Bible Reader first before downloading these Bibles and eBooks. Click here to download Bible Reader

(Select your Device from here to download Bibles of your choice.)

These Bibles and eBooks are from You can also download Mobile Apps from their website.

Download Bibles for Bible Reader:
American Standard Version
Bible in Basic English
Modern King James Version
Tyndale Bible
Wycliffe Bible
Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible-YLT
 Literal translation Bible-LITV
Revised Version: NT
Word English Bible
Geneva Bible
Geneva Bible (Notes)
International Standard Version: NT plus Pslams and Proverbs
International Standard Version: NT plus Psalms and Proverbs Notes

You can also download lots of free eBooks from their website

More Downloads:

Olive Tree 128x128

Download Bible Reader for Mobile Phones

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Select your Phone to download Bible


Choose Bible of your choice

Let us know if you have any problem downloading the Bibles for your phones.

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